Why Desperation Can Be a Good Thing

desperationFor the last 9 hours, I’ve been riding through Colorado and Kansas over snowy, ice-covered highways with my husband and 2-year-old son. My husband, ever the competent and confident driver, has been navigating our Nissan Altima over the slick roads with the expertise of a seasoned truck driver (Believe me, he looks nothing like a truck driver, though).

My non-truck driver husband braving the roads.

There is always snow and ice on the highways when we travel back to Oklahoma after visiting my family in the Denver area at either Thanksgiving or Christmas, so it was no surprise when we were greeted by a blanket of wintry precipitation on the car this morning.

Unfortunately, the roads are worse than what we’ve experienced previously. We had just passed the famous “Oasis” in Colby, Kansas (if you’ve ever driven to/from Oklahoma/Colorado, you know what I’m talking about!), when we discovered that I-70 was closed for more than 200 miles. So now we’re on country road highways being extremely careful and prayerful. And it’s been 9 hours.

Entertaining a 2-year-old

I have been sitting in the back seat, trying to keep a toddler entertained with “The Lion King” on an iPad, pictures from a magazine, and all the food and milk his heart desires. Need I repeat, for 9 hours. Still, my job is not nearly as difficult as my husband’s, as he tries to keep us alive. Oh, and I’ve been praying like there’s no tomorrow and asking for prayers from every person we’re close to.

I would like us all to make it home in one piece … no matter how long it takes.

The sad thing is, I realize that today is probably the most I’ve prayed in the last few months, and it’s because I’m scared. It’s because I’m desperate for the safety and security of home.

It’s interesting how times of desperation draw us closer to God. I think back over my life and see this to be true – times of desperation have caused me to get closer to God.

  • I fully dedicated my life to God as a teenager when I was going through a terrible trial with a friendship.
  • God taught me to run to Him during our difficult first year of marriage. Every argument was fuel for me to run to God and find His help.
  • Again, I ran to God out of desperation when our son was a newborn. I was so worried and exhausted mentally and physically during the first couple months of his life, as I dealt with his kidney condition and an unsuccessful breastfeeding experience. I felt like I was surviving only by telling myself that the words I was hearing in worship songs were true.

God meets us where we’re at. He will come to us in our times of desperation. If you’re in a rough spot in life, cry out to Him.

Times of desperation cause us to look for an outlet. Sometimes, those outlets are negative. Sometimes, those outlets are alcohol that drive a person to become an alcoholic or get a DUI. Sometimes, those outlets are relationships with people that end in heartbreak.

Let God be your outlet. Psalm 46:1 says: God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.

 He will get you through this storm. He is an outlet that will never disappoint or leave you in a worse place than you were before. He will fill you with peace and hope as you trust in Him and make you a stronger person as you endure this hard time. He is an ever-present help in times of trouble.

Desperation can be a good thing, if you’ll respond to that desperation by running to the right place.

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